Mother Earth Day

Emotional, yet the rock. Tired, yet keeps going. Worried, but full of hope. Impatient, yet patient. Overwhelmed, but never quits. Amazing, even though doubted. Wonderful, even in chaos. Life changer, every single day. These inspirational words by Rachel Martin are for a devoted mother – A mother who keeps going...

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Sea Turtles – The Reason Our Oceans are Brimming With Life!

We have all grown up listening to the story of the race between the hare and the turtle and how the turtle wins, giving us an understanding of the proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race.” But is that the only sea turtle fact we know? I think...

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Plastic Recycling Numbers – What do They Mean & Why Should you Care?

Ever wondered what those arrows, symbols, letters, and numbers at the bottom of plastic containers mean? Most of us never give a second thought to those inscriptions, but they really tell a lot about the plastic item in question. They are called plastic recycling numbers, and after you’re...

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7 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste – Get Over Plastic Pollution Problem

“It is the worst of times, but it is the best of times because we still have a chance!”  – Sylvia Earle Why did I choose this quotation to start the blog? Because it gives me hope! When we look around us, when we listen to the news and...

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