A Plastic free Ocean or a Fish free Ocean? The Choice is Yours!

Being a conservationist, I spend a lot of time watching documentaries on how people are taking steps to save our planet. Of all the videos I have seen, the ones with creatures having plastic stuck in their nasal cavities or lungs are the most nerve-racking. It makes me...

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Plastic Recycling Numbers – What do They Mean & Why Should you Care?

Ever wondered what those arrows, symbols, letters, and numbers at the bottom of plastic containers mean? Most of us never give a second thought to those inscriptions, but they really tell a lot about the plastic item in question. They are called plastic recycling numbers, and after you’re...

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7 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste – Get Over Plastic Pollution Problem

“It is the worst of times, but it is the best of times because we still have a chance!”  – Sylvia Earle Why did I choose this quotation to start the blog? Because it gives me hope! When we look around us, when we listen to the news and...

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